Covid 19 Protection Products at CB Forms

See below a sample of our range of products to help you keep your staff and customers safe. We can also provide bespoke solutions on request.


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Browse our range of ready-made artwork files. We’ve got official artwork from WHO and the HSE, as well as editable templates and product images for your site.

face shield

Protective Face Shield

The headgear is made of elastic vinyl material, which helps to limit contact between people and external factors. It is made from a fully transparent material. We’re providing them in packages of 10 pieces. 
protective mask

Protective Face Mask

A three-layer protective mask that reduces the effects of external factors on the body (such as viruses, bacteria, mold spores). Our mask is limiting the effects of harmful external factors. It does not block them completely. The outer and inner layers are sewn from Oeko-tex certified materials, which make the mask safe for the user's skin. The certificate is issued for products which are fully safe for human and environment. The middle layer is made from soft material, which is composed of the highest quality synthetic fibers.
counter protection screen

Counter Protection Screen

Clear 5mm Freestanding Counter unit, Protective screens are installed to provide a barrier between cashiers and customers to ensure the health and safety of all stafff and visitors.
clear roll up

Clear Roll up Screens

A great portable Screen solution
desk divider

Office Desk Divider

Various sizes are available between 0,6 meters up to 1 meter.
snap poster frame

Snap in poster frames

 Various sizes available


floor sticker with tape

Floor Graphics

Suitable for Queues and Aisles
pull up banner covid

Roll up Banners

A great portable sign solution

Pavement Signs

A great outdoor solution
covid cafe barrier system

Cafe Style Barriers

Ideal for indoor and outdoor seating, drinking, and eating areas.
covid queuing system

Queue Rope Barrier Systems

Suitable for separating areas, managing queues.

Corriboard Information Signage

Cost-effective solution for an outdoor high impact sign.
ClearGuard PET Protection

ClearGuard PET Protective film

ClearGuard is a 175 micron optically clear PET protective film used for protective, visers, curtains and barriers.

  • PET film thickness: 175 microns
  • Transparent, glossy film 
  • Indoor durability: 1 year (unprinted)
  • Used across various industries (retail, healthcare, etc.) as a protective shield from bacteria
  • Extremely durable 
  • Easy to disinfect
  • Resistant to high temperatures