Many business owners in the UK believe using leaflets to promote their business is a waste of time and money. The medium is often thought of as being spammy, conjuring thoughts of a pile of leaflets on the doorstep that just end up in our bins. However, there are far fewer businesses utilising leaflets today than in previous years, and leaflets have actually become a very effective way of marketing your business.

This is in large part due to the huge focus on digital channels in the last decade, with advertisers making use of every digital medium they can. Online adverts are now everywhere, sometimes subtly inserted into social media feeds, sometimes appearing as banners or pop ups. This has resulted in a high level of advert blindness, with customers overlooking the vast majority of adverts they see online.

This is far less easy to do with a leaflet, and as a result leaflet distribution is now one of the most effective marketing techniques available.

Leaflets perform well because they reach someone in their own home, and unlike an intrusive phone call or TV advert, the recipient wont look at it until they want to, so they are more likely to be in a receptive mood. A leaflet also benefits from its a physical, tactile nature, which attracts attention and is remembered for longer.

Still not convinced? Here are 5 facts that prove it:

Creating leaflets is also cost effective, with 5,000 leaflets costing as little as £195 (less than 4p per leaflet). Advertising online on the other hand can quickly become extremely expensive, costing you several pounds for a click to your website.

With leaflets performing so effectively, now is the time to see whether sending out leaflets can help your business grow.

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