If you are advertising local events, such as shop openings, special offers or special events, then leaflets are particularly effective. They perform well when they are targeted, which you can do by using your contacts database to offer exclusive deals, or you could target a geographical area. Leaflets are also perfect for using alongside other media channels, as you can simply add a QR code that sends customers straight to your website or social media sites.

The effectiveness of leaflets is also measurable, as long as you ask customers where they learned about you, or keep track of the vouchers used, you can find out exactly how many people the leaflets are driving to your business.

There are a few things you need to include on your leaflets to get the best results:

  • An offer. This could be a money-off voucher, buy one get one free offer, free delivery, or the chance to win a freebie when they present the leaflet in store. Make sure you carefully consider the length of time the offer will be available, so people will get a chance to use it, but not come knocking years down the line
  • A call to action that clearly explains what you want the person receiving the leaflet to do. This could be ‘visit us in store to use the voucher’ or ‘use discount code when shopping online at…’
  • Correct contact details: a professional email address, phone numbers, business address, opening times, website URL

When it comes to the copy, make sure you:

  • Use customer focussed language like ‘you’ and ‘your’ rather than ‘me’ and ‘I’
  • Keep the text short and to the point, using as few words as possible while getting the message across. If your leaflet is full of text it simply wont get read

The leaflet design and delivery is also crucial to the likelihood of it being read:

  • Find the right balance between images and text, with information displayed in an eye catching manner
  • Use an easy to read font
  • Put the most important information on the front as recipients wont look inside or on the back if the front doesn’t grab their attention
  • Use contrasting colours
  • Deliver in an envelope for the highest engagement rate
  • Try using one large strong image to grab attention, rather than using lots of small images.
  • Go for A5 or A6 size so its perfect for pinning to a noticeboard
  • Check and double check the design

To help your leaflet get shared, which is especially important if you’re targeting existing customers, why not create detachable offer coupons that recipients can hand round to their friends.



Article Source: http://blogs.pitneybowes.co.uk/pbtalksbiz/2014/05/08/get-leaflet-campaign/